How To Avoid Damaging Your Furniture During A Move

Do you know that furniture is likely to get damaged during a move? Many people have had their furniture damaged pretty badly when moving houses. So, how can you prevent the same from happening to your furniture? Well, these tips might help:

Disassemble the Furniture

Disassembling furniture can be a nuisance when moving. And since furniture can be pretty large and heavy, you might have to disassemble them. It's pretty easy to transport furniture when it's in parts. At least you don't need to fret about dropping your couch if it's in pieces. So, if your furniture can be disassembled, don't hesitate to do it.

Use the Right Packing Supplies

As you gather boxes to pack your utensils, clothes, and appliances, you also need to buy the right supplies to pack your furniture. But what supplies are needed? You will want sofa covers, bubble wrap, a soft blanket, and plastic stretch wrap. The bubble wrap should protect your furniture from any impact, while the blanket protects the furniture from scratches. The plastic stretch wrap will prevent your furniture from getting dirty.

Protect the Walls and Floors

Banging your furniture on the walls can damage your furniture. That said, you should cover the walls and the path you are using with blankets or some padding. You can also cover the floors with corrugated cardboard. Doing so should protect the furniture against knocks. The floors and walls won't sustain any damage either.

Use a Spotter

If you plan to do a DIY move, it's good to have a spotter. The spotter will ensure that the furniture doesn't bump into a door frame or wall. They will even guide the people lifting the furniture on the adjustments they need to make. Also, the spotter might offer a helping hand when maneuvering tight spaces.

Hire Professional Furniture Movers

If you are serious about protecting your furniture, avoid the DIY option. You should instead hire professional furniture movers to help with the process. Luckily, these movers will do everything for you. They will disassemble, pack the furniture, and load it into the truck. These movers will also provide you with transportation. 

You don't have to fret about damaged furniture when you work with experts. Professionals often provide insurance coverage just in case your sofa or desk gets damaged.

To learn more about ways to make your move easier, contact a professional residential moving service in your area.