What To Do During Your Moving Day

Getting ready for moving day is a significant process. You have to declutter your home, pack up your stuff, and take care of lots of little details, like starting and turning off utilities. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it to the moving day.

Once you make it to moving day, your work is not done, even if you have a local moving company to assist you. There are still a few things you will need to take care of and oversee on your actual moving day.

Get Up Early

Your moving day is going to be a long day, even with professional movers handling the bulk of the physical work for you. You will want to go to bed early, get a good night's sleep, and then get up early.

That way, you will have time to get dressed in comfortable clothing, pack up your bedding, and grab something to eat before your movers arrive and your day gets started. Be sure to dress in clothing that is comfortable and will protect you. 

Drop Off Children and Pets

You are not going to want to have your children or pets underfoot on moving day. You are going to want to drop them off in the morning somewhere you arranged ahead of time or have someone pick them up early in the morning so that they are safe and away from all the moving activity. 

Greet Your Moving Team

You need to be at your home to greet your moving team. You will want to have all the doors and gates unlocked for them so that they have easy access to your home. You will want to move vehicles so they can park as close as possible to your home.

When you greet them, let them know if there are any items that they need to pack up or handle with care. If you have items that you don't want them to move, put them all together in a designated area, and let them know that those items are not to be packed up. 

Take Care of Last-Minute Packing

Sometime in the mid-morning, you are going to need to take care of any last-minute packing. For example, you may need to pack up the toiletries that you used that morning, or you may need to put your first night box into your vehicle. Move the items that you planned on handling yourself at this time.

Sign Paperwork

With many moving companies, you are going to need to sign some paperwork. It is common to have to sign an inventory form that states the number of boxes and types of furniture that is packed up or a bill of landing.

Clean Things Up

Once the movers have everything out, you are going to want to clean things up. That may mean running the vacuum cleaner one last time or sweeping the entryway to clean up from all the moving traffic. Pack up cleaning supplies or snacks for moving day.

Final Walkthrough

Next, take one final walkthrough of your home. Open up every cupboard, drawer, and closet, to ensure that nothing was left behind. Be sure to check any attic, basement, or storage shed space as well. Then, turn off all the lights, lock the windows, and ensure that everything is properly locked up.

Now you are ready to head off to your new home, where the movers will be unpacking your stuff! With the proper prep, you will have a little work to do on moving day, but it will be completely manageable, especially when you are working with a team of local professional movers.