Moving Your Garage: Tips For Tackling This Often-Cluttered Part Of The House Before A Move

Of all of the parts of the home that come as a challenge during a move, the garage can be one of the worst. Filled with odd things that don't have a place elsewhere, heavy items, and even chemicals, packing up the garage is tough. To get prepared for your move, here are a few tips to help you tackle your garage.

1. Downsize, eliminate, eradicate, donate. (D.E.E.D) 

DEED is a good acronym to remember all over the house as you are packing before your residential move. 

  • Downsize - Have multiples of one type of tool? Consider downsizing and keeping only what you need. 
  • Eliminate - Eliminate trash, things likely to never be used, and anything not worth space on the moving truck. 
  • Eradicate - Eradicate anything from the garage that does not actually belong in the garage. (e.g. shoes, household items, toys) 
  • Donate - Donate the things in your garage that are worth donating. 

2. Schedule a quick-planned garage sale. 

Garage sales are super simple to host. Post a sign out front, post an ad online in a social media community group, and post prices on items you wish to sell on a table (or just in your driveway) in front of the garage. You can easily keep on packing and working in the garage as the sale takes place so you can interact with people who stop by. A garage sale can be an easy way to get a few things out of the way that still hold monetary value but you really don't need to keep. 

3. Sort and pack tools according to their placement or purpose. 

Pick up a few good, heavy-duty storage containers to house heavy tools for the move. Wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, automotive tools, landscape tools—all of these items should be well-sorted while you pack. You could take a few routes with this: you can pack the tools according to where they will be placed in the new garage or according to their use or purpose. 

4. Get rid of spillable products. 

Motor oil, cleaning chemicals, powdered fertilizer, grass seed, weed killer, brake fluid, and other spillable products usually found in the garage are best responsibly gotten rid of before the move. Some residential moving companies have restrictions about chemicals or spillable items in the moving truck. Just the same, you will probably not want to take a chance on these products getting spilled in the transition. It is easier to give the products away and pick them up as needed after the move. 

For more information on assistance with moves, contact a residential moving service.