Do Some Important Preparation Before You Move To Your New House

If you've moved before, you are probably not that excited about getting ready for another move. If you haven't moved in the past, you might not know exactly what to expect. Either way, there are some important things you can do to prepare for the moving company to pack your belongings. The keyword to remember is Detail. As you work both inside and outside of your home in preparation for the movers to arrive, consider the details you address that will pay off once you arrive to your destination. 

Preparation On The Garage And On The Outside  - Go through the entire yard to see what needs to be done before the packers arrive.

  • For instance, do you have a statuary that will make the move with you? If so, take time to hose it off and to let it dry thoroughly before packing day.
  • Maybe you have wrought iron patio furniture that needs to be repaired or painted. Do outdoor furniture seat cushions need to be replaced?
  • Get your garden tools together and make sure they are free of dirt and other debris.
  • The same goes for hand tools in your garage. Make sure they're clean and ready to pack.

Things To Do On The Inside Of Your House - Imagine how nice it will be to unpack belongings that are clean and ready to be put in their new areas.

  • Take time to hand wash delicate porcelain and china figurines.
  • If you have things like brass or silver candlesticks, get them polished before the packers arrive.
  • Dust off lampshades, picture frames, artificial plants and other items that are sometimes overlooked.
  • Go through magazines. Get rid of those that you don't want anymore and put the saved ones in an attractive display basket.

Once all of your personal belongings and your household items are cleaned and ready to pack, you can be sure that they will be handled with care by the packers. For instance, china and porcelain figurines will be individually wrapped with special packing materials. Even your silk flowers and other artificial plants will be packed carefully so that they won't be damaged in the move.

If possible, be at your new home to give the movers directions. For instance, you don't want your little boy's bunk beds ending up in a room that is painted pink because it's your little girl's bedroom. The best part about this move is that everything you organize will be clean and ready to use. 

Reach out to a moving company like United Moving and Storage to get started.