3 Things You Should Know About Hiring A Local Mover For Your Furniture

If you are preparing to make a local move, you may be in the process of deciding how best to accomplish this. Of course, you can simply hire a local moving company to pack everything and move it to your new location. This is the most expensive choice. You will save money if you try to pack and move everything yourself, but you still will need help with the large items, and you will likely need to rent a truck. However, you may want to consider hiring a mover for the heavy items, such as furniture. You can move boxes and smaller items yourself, often without renting a truck. The following are a few things you should know if you consider doing it this way.

1. You will save time and money if you hire a furniture mover

If you move your heavy items, you will need a dolly, but not every dolly is suitable to move furniture. In the case of appliances, you will need a heavy-duty hand truck, the type that is designed for heavy-duty use. Few people have one of these at home, so you will need to rent one. Furniture movers already have the moving equipment needed for furniture and appliances, and movers have the experience to move heavy items faster than you will be able to do it. In addition, you will also avoid the possibility of any injuries that can happen moving furniture.

2. There are two options for heavy items

Some furniture movers will provide the muscle to load your heavy items into your truck. This can be an attractive option if you already plan to rent a truck and are ready to move everything yourself. All you need are some strong movers for your heavy items. On the other hand, there are local movers who will supply the moving truck, load the truck with your furniture, then unload it at your new home. This option can save you money if you plan on moving all of your light items and boxes in, for example, a pickup truck.

3. You need to make a list of everything that's going

Keep in mind that there are certain items that one moving company will move, but another moving company will not. And there are certain items that no moving company will touch because it is considered a specialty item. An example of this is a piano. If you own one, you will need a piano mover.

With a list of items, you can then get a quote for the price of the move. You will also need to let a furniture moving company know if they will be working upstairs as well as downstairs because two-story homes can affect the quote. And upstairs apartments can sometimes cost more than downstairs apartments. To learn more, contact a company like Worth Moving.