How To Properly Pack A Washing Machine For Moving Day

Your washing machine is one of the largest appliances in your home, and as such can be fairly difficult to move on moving day. However, despite its large size and weight, your washing machine's inner workings are actually fairly fragile. This means that it needs to be adequately protected to ensure that it does not become damaged while in transit, leaving you without one of your most important appliances when you move into your new home. Thankfully, the process of preparing your washing machine so that it can be moved both easily and safely is a straightforward one.


The first thing that you should do when preparing your washing machine for moving day is to clean it. This ensures that there are no organic materials or any moisture on the interior which can contribute to mold growth and a musty odor. Simply run the machine empty on a normal cycle, with bleach poured into it to act as a disinfectant. Afterwards, you should leave your washing machine open overnight to let it dry out.

Disconnect the Machine

Next, you should disconnect all the cords and supply tubes to your washing machine. You can turn off the water supply by turning the valves that are located behind the washer (turn them clockwise until they won't turn anymore), and you can simply unplug the power cord. Then, disconnect the water supply hoses – depending on the model of washing machine that you have, you'll either need a pair of pliers or a wrench to remove them. Keep in mind that water will likely still be sitting in these hoses, so hold them upright when you take them off – it may be a good idea to have a bucket or bowl to drain them into afterward as well. Disconnect the hoses from the wall as well, and then store them inside the washing machine.


Finally, you can begin to prepare your washing machine for the actual move. You'll want to secure the door closed using moving tape, and the power cord to the back of the unit in the same manner. Next, you should use bubble wrap, moving blankets, or a similar form of cushioning to wrap the entire washing machine to protect it against bumps and scratches (and to prevent other items that it may come into contact with). Now, all you have to do is use a dolly to load it into your moving truck: make sure you have at least one person helping you while you do this, or have professional movers do it for you since the heavy weight of the machine makes it a safety hazard.

Contact a local moving company for more information and assistance.