Want An Organized And Tidy Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Help Get You Started

Renting a storage unit when you've never done so before can be a bit overwhelming since the unit will likely be empty and not have much room setup for organizing. Renting a storage unit can be a smart choice if you're frustrated with the lack of room in your home or apartment, but it can also lead to more problems if you're not careful with organizing. If you're concerned with making sure that the storage unit is as organized and easy to use as possible, consider the following tips so that you can start off renting a storage unit without any issues:

Lay Down Mats Underneath Any Furniture

If you're going to be storing furniture in the storage unit, it's important that you don't place it directly on the ground. This is especially vital when you are storing furniture that can easily be damaged when placed on concrete. Laying down some mats underneath the furniture can help out some cushion and make the furniture stay in good condition while stored in a climate controlled storage unit.

Make Sure Clear Labels Are Used

When you begin getting items and boxes ready to go into the storage unit, it's a good idea to look into using labels. Many people make the mistake of storing items in the storage unit without paying attention to the need for labeling. Clear labels that describe exactly what's in the boxes can make a world of difference when you access your storage unit later and want to retrieve just a single item. Placing the labels in a spot that makes it quickly apparent when glancing at the boxes can also reduce the more time it takes to find items that were placed in storage.

Use Shelving Whenever Possible

Since most of the storage units available are typically bare inside, there's nothing stopping you from adding your own storage solutions. Having a shelving system in the storage unit can make it easier to stack boxes and other items in storage. As you look for different shelving systems, keep in mind that they will need to support the weight and do well in dark storage unit for months or even years.

As you prepare for renting your first storage unit, it's a good idea to keep the above tips in mind so that everything stays organized and you'll feel good about using the storage unit again in the future.

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