Is It a Good Idea to Hire Packers for When You Move?

While moving to a new home is definitely an exciting time, it is also a stressful and incredibly busy time. It takes awhile to pack up a house's contents and then move them to the new location. You might be thinking of hiring packers or a full-service moving company to help you out. Is it a good idea to hire packers? It might be, and there are a few reasons why.

House Assessment and Estimate

Hiring packers and full-service movers have an additional benefit than just moving your items to a new location, they can actually help you determine what items are more fragile and they will keep a list of each item to pack and can explain to you how it should be handled. They will assess each item including furniture, appliances, collectibles, and even paperwork, artwork, and jewelry and let you know how to properly pack them.

A packing company will also give you estimates on either full-service packing and moving or, if you prefer, just the moving aspect of the job. This gives you a better idea on if you can save money by doing the packing yourself, or if it's a better idea to let the professionals do it for you.

Full-service Option

When you get the full-service option from a mover, they will take apart all your furniture that needs careful handling and properly wrap and secure each piece with padding and protective coverings. All pictures will be removed and packaged and carpets will be rolled and tied to protect them upon moving. Valuables will be packed separately and properly wrapped and boxed to prevent breakage and each box is labeled accordingly and with what room it came from.

Full-service options allow you to not worry about having to purchase packing items like boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, and packing tape. It also is very time consuming to pack an entire house, and if you have a full-time job, it can take awhile to get everything done. It might be worth having professionals pack your home if you can't take the time to pack yourself.

Specialty Items

You may not want your whole house packed by professionals and perhaps you only need them to pack specialty items. It is possible to hire packers for only those items you would like to have the professional touch with. You might want your artwork, breakables, or mirrors packed by people who do it for a living and have the skill and know-how to make sure they arrive safely. This can also include items like chandeliers, antiques, china, vases, and handmade items like coffee tables or rocking chairs.

For more information, talk to a moving company like M Dyer & Sons Inc that offers packing services.