Selling Items Online: 3 Low-Budget Photography Lighting Tips For Storage Units

When renting out a storage unit, it's amazing to see how quickly they can fill up with boxes and junk. Instead of just throwing items away, you can make a little profit by selling your items online. A key way to gain attention for items that you're selling is by showcasing clear pictures with great lighting. Instead of investing in thousands of dollars in lighting equipment, a storage unit offers a great place to not only keep your items, but to properly light them while taking images. The following three tips can be used in all types of storage units and will really help you capture clear images for the products that you want to sell.

Natural Light

The giant door on a storage unit is not only your gateway to your items, but it can serve as your best source of natural light. By visiting the storage unit during the day, you have the ability to let in a ton of natural light and create an ideal setting for photographing items. To get the best angle on the items, you should stand in the front corner of the unit. This allows the light to shine directly on an object and have you capture it without your shadow in the frame.

Setting up objects on a small table near the front of the unit will help illuminate the objects even more. If the light is too bright and your images are overexposed, then you can pull the gate down slightly to block out some of the harsher rays.

Reflective Blankets

If you keep any blankets in your storage unit, then they are a great way to reflect light and eliminate harsh shadows from the images that you are taking. A blanket can be held up by someone that is assisting you or attached to the wall. The key is to let the light hit the blanket directly and bounce it off onto a nearby object. This will help you achieve even tones that accurately represent the product you are selling. When using a blanket as a reflector, stick with lighter colors for the best results. A plain white blanket often works well in this situation. If you do not have any blankets in your storage unit, then consider other large surfaces like a tarp or carpet that can be held up to reflect the light naturally.

Portable Video Lights

If you have a lot of objects to take images of, then it may be a good idea to purchase a cheap portable video light. These lights feature an array of LED bulbs that can illuminate the objects easily. The lights can be attached to a camera, phone, or held on their own. If you own a small tripod, the lights can also be attached to that. When shopping for lights, something under $20 will work well enough to illuminate a storage unit area and the object that you are selling.

When setting up the light, it should point directly at the object. The brightness of the light can be adjusted as needed to create an even exposure and help showcase all of the details of that object that you are selling. If the object is large like a chair, then you should move the light back as far as possible away from the object while still illuminating it. This will help you get light coverage for the whole object instead of just a small section.

Some storage units may have lights built into them. As you use these strategies, see how the unit light can help add extra illumination and eliminate any harsh shadows that have appeared.

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